Reason to celebrate, for budget nerds

Cover of NASBO 2015 Budget Process in the StatesBreak out the champagne, or at least the green eyeshades – the National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO) has published a new edition of “Budget processes in the states” in Spring 2015 (last issued in 2008).  If this doesn’t catch your interest, you may not be a public finance nerd — a new edition of this occasional survey of the diversity of budgetary institutions across states is always reason to celebrate for students and faculty in public administration.  The survey, first published in 1975, reviews the current status of features such as balanced-budget requirements, timing, performance measurement and more. Enjoy…and thanks to NASBO for the important work that they do, not limited to this series; a variety of other annual or occasional publications provide data and insights for practitioners and scholars alike.  Check out 2014’s “Capital budgeting in the states” as well.

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