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Macroadvisers: MA’s Alternative Scenario: March 1 Sequestration

Here is a summary of a macroeconomic model’s prediction of March 1 sequester effects (from Macroeconomic Advisers LLC):

MA’s Alternative Scenario: March 1 Sequestration


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Fiscal anxieties, the potential for sequester, BCA 2011

In one of the posts I made in the review discussion I wrote a bit about sequestration (the current version, scheduled for Jan. 2), which originates in the Budget Control Act of 2011 (which in turn reactivates GRH I (1985) in some portions).  The potential for real consequences of the type envisioned in GRH I and II has never been as likely at such a scale.  As soon as the elections are over, you can anticipate hearing a lot more in the news about last-ditch efforts to address this looming deadline and other tax/spending deadlines that happen to overlap with it.  I would say you were fortunate to be taking this class in such interesting budgetary times, if we didn’t also have to live through them.

Here are some more backgrounders/perspectives  on upcoming budgetary and fiscal policy issues:

More general: Brookings Institution – The “Fiscal Cliff” issue – includes not only the sequester deadline but also other tax and spending policies of various partisan origins which have critical dates at the end of this year (AMT tinkering deadline; Bush tax cut expiration; Affordable Care Act coming into play; expiration of payroll tax cuts) – all coming on top of a weak economy barely recovering from the Great Recession:  http://www.brookings.edu/research/opinions/2012/09/26-fiscal-cliff-frenzel

Specific to sequester:

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